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Beetroot Halwa

Beetroot Halwa

Life gets sweeter as you make it healthier. Well you can surely make it even sweeter with healthy desserts. Beetroot Halwa is one such recipe that creates magic. Traditionally, the Carrot Halwa has been a popular dessert in Indian households, but as health becomes a priority, the Beetroot Halwa is fast catching up. So all you need is follow the method underneath and get going.

Benefits : Beetroot creates wonders when eaten regularly in the morning for getting a good glowing skin hence in a way very essential & amazing vegetable for anemic patients esp. girls. It reduces  blood pressure, beats osteoporosis , checks diabetes.
Main Ingredient : [ Peeled  & Grated beetroot]
Method: In a pan, add the 2 grated beetroots, to this add 2 cups of milk and allow it to boil.
Simmer the heat and allow it to cook in the milk until all the milk gets absorbed and evaporated. 
Add half a teaspoon of cardamom powder and 1 teaspoon of  sugar/brown sugar.
 Add more milk to make it creamier.
Stir well until your halwa becomes a little viscous and thick textured.
Sprinkle it with chopped dry fruits (here I have used cashew nuts, pistachios , almonds, go for walnuts if you like)

Beetroot Halwa  is a delectable recipe ( though similar to the Carrot halwa) but turns out to be more softer and more tender.

Glow with good health and sweetness as you can enjoy this dessert with zero guilt!

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Deepika Chainani said...

Seems much Appetizing, would surely try this one out, & also unlike the other Halwa recipes, this recipe doesn’t calls for ghee/oil hence much low on calories. Thank you for such healthy posts!!

Anonymous said...

Nice recipe, will surely try out

Abhishek Talreja said...

Thank you so much

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